About this ministry

We believe the ministry of ‘good’ games can have its place in the earthly pilgrimage of evangelical Christians. Be it ancient and physically envolved ones or modern and computerized ones. This ofcause is provided these ‘good’ games are not abused – because just as sleep can be innocent and great for a man’s health. When abused (through oversleeping when one could be rationally up ministering in one form or the other) can be punishable evil.

I personally have also found computer games great in keeping my two older sons preoccupied while I try to get some work or rest done. But we ofcause emphasize ‘good’ because not all games out there are Christian friendly or commendable. It is in fact because of this missing Christian friendly quality that likeChrist Ministries was brought to consider creating (or promote the creation thereof) of computer based (including smartphones) games that should be careful not offend in their make-up.

We believe there exist many value adding games with hopeful themes or gameplay out there, but because they are as much often spottet with the world’s vanities, Christians are often brought to consider turning away from utterly. But this is amongst others one area we believe Christians can help it and hence commit to help address. You can read the likeChrist Ministries’ fuller story here.

Through all our kids oriented sub-ministries, the following are some of the questions we seek to answer. Missionaries with young childress with them (or kept on their behalf away must consider similar question):

Some games may be little buggy though fairly playable