Toy Robot – For Android & Windows

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  • Game title: Toy Robot
  • Game controls: UI buttons
  • Target Platforms: Android & Windows (iOS, PC & Mac pending)
  • Apk size: 29MB
  • Game description: The player seeks to control their toy robot across a predefined 3 fold platform collecting alphabets and food items.

Game project notes: As noted on the journal entry here, both my littles ones had a blast playing this game during its early creation stages. It is a 3 levels game with each level containing part of the alphabets set. When all shall be done, I wish to have each alphabet called out when picked up by the robot. Again so the little ones grasp a little of elementary education as they are kept hands on. While the game is now at an overall fair playable state, I feel a couple of other areas could use some ironing.

Worth  noting: It is true that it will mostly be too costly and inconsisted with Christian temperance to actually keep a really smart robot for a toy but many should agree that there should not be aught held against an essentially free and innocent virtual toy robot 🙂 Also, the concept of robots has been abused quite much but this does not often mean that there can be no fair usability thereof.


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